Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Department of Photonics and Microwave Physics


General Information

Department of Photonics and Microwave Physics is one of the largest departments of Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. It consists of more than 15 laboratories that hold both theoretical and experimental investigations on nonlinear optics, photonics, plasmonics, magnetooptics, optoelectronics, microwave electronics, electromagnetic waves propagation, spectroscopy, biophysics and other actual scientific areas. In 1989-2014 the department was headed by Prof. Anatoly Sukhorukov, one of the leading Russian scientists in nonlinear optics.

Our staff maintains cooperation with various institutions both in Russia and in other countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, USA, China, India, Australia, UK, and others, and with several companies as well. For example, in cooperation with Rhode&Schwartz company a laboratory on spectroscopy and multibeam wave propagation in urban media was founded.

Our department holds annual conference on wave phenomena in nonhomogeneous media, physics and applications of microwaves in May in Moscow suburb.

The principle investigations are held in the following areas:

  • Photonics and plasmonics: optical and magnetooptical properties of nanostructured materials, plasmonic structures, photonic crystals and magnetic nanostructures; propagation and interaction of wave beams (including those with phase dislocations), pulses and solitons in nonlinear media, nonhomogeneous media (in particular, in photonic crystals), in artificial media - metamaterials; dynamics of ultrashort pulses consisting of several field oscillations; properties of surface plasmon polariton waves; optoelectronics and acoustooptics.
    Prof. Vladimir I. Belotelov ()
    Dr. Grigory A. Knyazev ()
    Dr. Daria O. Ignatyeva
    Dr. Andrey N. Kalish ()

  • Waves propagation and wireless communication in urban media
    Dr. Anatoly F. Korolev ()
    Dr. Pyotr N. Zakharov

  • Microwaves in medicine, spectroscopy and biomedicine: radiovision, magneto-resonant tomography, radiospectroscopy of solids
    Dr. Yury A. Pirogov ()
    Dr. Galina I. Ovchinnikova ()

  • Microwave electronics and wireless energy transfer
    Dr. Vladimir L. Savvin ()
    Dr. Gohar M. Kazaryan

  • Education

    The lecture and practical courses for the students of our department cover various areas of contemporary optics, photonics, microwave electronics and radiophysics:

  • Fundamentals of photonics
  • Theory of oscillations
  • Theory of waves
  • Physics of microwaves
  • Oscillations and waves in plasma
  • Statistical radiophysics
  • Numerical methods in radiophysics
  • Nonlinear quantum phenomena in optics
  • Terahertz photonics
  • Magnetooptics and photonic crystals
  • Theory of signals
  • Dynamics of nonlinear oscillations and waves
  • Coherent radiation of electrons
  • Solid-state electronics
  • Electromagnetic properties of materials
  • Waves in layered media
  • Waves propagation in atmosphere
  • Physics of nanostructures
  • Methods of modeling in nonlinear photonics

  • Contacts:

    Department of Photonics and Microwave Physics
    Faculty of Physics
    Lomonosov Moscow State University
    Leninskie Gory, Moscow 119991, Russia